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Year 4


LI: To find the perimeter of rectilinear shapes. 


See yesterday's maths learning page for supporting resources.


Don't forget to practise 11x tables. Resources are on Monday's page.


Today we are going to be finding the perimeter of shapes where the length of the sides are missing.


To work out the missing horizontal size we can see that the full length is 7cm.

We can see that the top horizontal line (2cm) + the missing side (?) = 7cm.

Therefore, the missing horizontal side = 5cm (7cm-2cm) 


To work out the missing vertical side we can see the full length is 14cm. 

We can see that one of the vertical lines (3cm) + the missing side(?)  = 14cm.

Therefore, the missing vertical side is 11cm. (14cm-3cm) 




Have a go at one of the pages below.


Please don't forget to try the 'Think' question. Thanks. 





Reasoning and Problem Solving Extension 


If you have found the above tasks easy, then there is a task below which you could try.