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Current Learning

Spring 2



This half term in maths, we will be focusing on algebra, decimals and percentages. 



This half term we will focus on two different types of writing. We will begin by writing a persuasive leaflet about why children should be evacuated during World War II and will be based on the book Letters from the Lighthouse, which we are reading in class and links to our topic, and we will identify the various features of the writing and include them into our own pieces of writing. We will then move on to writing a letter using the book which will be from the perspective of a child who has been evacuated. All pieces of writing will be assessed using the Year 6 writing criteria. 



This half term we will be focusing on living things and their habitats. 



This half term we will be looking at World War II, which is a history based topic. We will be exploring what started the war, what life was like in England during the war, who won the war and the impact the war had on England.


SATS practice 

We will be doing another SATS practice week this half term to see children's strengths and weaknesses and what areas of the curriculum children may need more support with.