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Voluntary Controlled Primary

Small School, Big Ideas

Year 1

Mrs Rowan's group


1. friend

2. little

3. your

4. here

5. where


Mrs Strange's group need to practise some common words used when writing:

1. all

2. call

3. called

4. has

5. have

Children will also be practising these in class, but there will be no spelling test. 

Mrs Strange/Miss Rigall's group 27.9.21

Letter formation:





Mrs Strange's(Miss Rigall)/Miss Jarvis' group


Mrs Rowan's group

Letter formation this week: g, q d

Videos to support: 

g -

q -

d -

Week 1: 13.9.21


Mrs Strange/Miss Jarvis' and Mrs Rowan's groups are going to focus on their letter formation instead of home spellings this half term. We will concentrate on 3 letters per week. There is a little ditty to go with each letter on the chart lower down on this page (we will also send a copy of this home in your child's diary). Please see weekly videos to help support your child. 



Letters: c-o-a

Video links:

c formation:

o formation:

a formation: