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Voluntary Controlled Primary

Small School, Big Ideas

Brierley Class

Welcome to Brierley Class

Hello and welcome to our web page.

We are a class made up of Year 3 and Year 4 children.
The teachers who work in our class are Mr Ward and Mrs Thompson

In the mornings, the children are separated into their year groups for Guided Reading, Spellings and Maths.  We come back together for Literacy and for all our lessons in the afternoon, other than Science which is taught in year groups.
This is what our time table look like on a normal week:


Day A.M. P.M.
Monday Family time, Maths, Guided Reading Literacy P.E. (with Mr Morris), PSHCE
Tuesday Maths, Guided Reading, Spelling, Literacy Science
Wednesday Maths, Guided Reading, Spelling, Literacy Topic
Thursday Maths, Guided Reading, Spelling, Literacy Computing or French or Music
Friday Maths, Whole Class Read, Spelling, Literacy R.E. and P.E.

Our Woodhouses Winners this week:

Congratulations to Theo and Darcy who are our 'Woodhouses Winners' this week. 
Theo is a lovely polite young man who is a pleasure to have in class. His is working hard on his writing and is really focused on making his handwriting clear to read.
Darcy has impressed the adults in class this week with her persistance when working on tricky maths problems. She is listening well to instructions and she is starting to sensibly ask for help whenever it is needed.
Well done to you both!


Year 3 Spellings - to be tested on the 26th November
Theme - words with endings that sound like /ch/ is often spelt
'-ture' unless the root word ends in (t)ch

creature capture
furniture future
picture sculpture
nature fracture
adventure mixture


Year 4 Spellings - to be tested on 26/11/20
Theme - suffix -lly


finally faithfully
beautifully peacefully
thoughtfully cruelly




Reading - Don't forget to read at home at least twice this week. Remember to fill in your 'Around the World Reading Challenge' sheet with the book and how many pages that you have read. We will see just how far our class can travel via the power of reading!


Writing -This week we have been writing our own food poems using ideas from our story 'How to train your dragon'.
Click on the link below and read the poem 'I eat spaghetti with a spoon'.
Write down all the sets of rhyming words in the poem. Can you think of any more rhymes for these words?
Answer the questions at the end of the poem.

For your Maths homework this week, I would like you to complete some subtractions problems. Remember to start at the ones. Don't switch the digits around, BORROW a ten (or hundred). Show that you have done this on the problem.
Look and click on the example before for a sheet of problems



Parental Support

Your parental support is vital to your child’s progress and education. Please support us by:

- Encouraging your child to complete and return homework on time and giving support where appropriate.
- Reading regularly at home with your child. Even as little as just 5 minutes daily, can help to improve your child's reading ability

- Letting us know if your child will be going home with someone else.

- Ensuring that your child brings the correct items to school each day, including their reading diary, spelling book and P.E kit.

Please note:

  • Our PE lessons take place on Monday afternoons and Friday afternoons
  • Spelling tests will take place on Thursday mornings
  • Homework will be set on a Thursday to be completed by the following Thursday


Contact us:
If you have anything you would like to share with us (non urgent), please feel free to email us at: 


If it something more important, please ring the school office and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Our Learning

This half term the children will be studying the book ‘How to Train your Dragon’ by Cressida Cowell. We will be using the book to write effective instructions, detailed descriptions of Dragons and we will use the story as a base to write our own fantasy stories.
We will also learn about performance poetry, where we be able to identify types of poetry and we will learn short poems off by heart


In Maths, we will be continuing with our Power Maths work, learning about addition and subtraction. Here we will be looking for patterns and progressing onto adding and subtracting 3 digit numbers. We will using our times tables to multiply and divide this half term.

Topic - Stone Age life
This term we will be learning about life in the Stone Age. We will be finding out about what people looked like during this period, the types of houses that they lived in, Stone Age towns and villages and what food was eaten at this time.

Science - Light

In our Science lessons, we will be learning about different sources of light, how light can reflect off different surfaces and how to keep safe in the sun. We will be learning about how shadows form and how they change at different times of the day.

Other subjects
R.E – What are the deeper meanings of Religious festivals?

P.E – Invasion Games
ICT – Scratch: Questions and Answers                                                   
ART / DT – Basic art skills—shading and identifying shapes in art/pictures
PSHE –  Heart smart



Stone Age Workshop - November 2020



Year Four have been learning about functions of teeth this week. They have been very lucky that Riley's mum was able to get some toothpaste, brushes and information leaflets for the children to take home.

Year 4 Teeth and Digestion Topic

Sublime Science workshop