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Brierley Class

Welcome to Brierley Class

Hello and welcome to our web page.

About us
We are a class made up of Year 3 and Year 4 children.
The teachers who work in our class are Mr Ward and Mrs Thompson

In the mornings, the children are separated into their year groups for Guided Reading, Spellings and Maths.  We come back together for Literacy and for all our lessons in the afternoon, other than Science which is taught in year groups.
This is what our time table look like on a normal week:


MondayMaths, Guided Reading LiteracyP.E. (with Mr Morris) and French
TuesdayMaths, Guided Reading, Spelling, LiteracyScience
WednesdayMaths, Guided Reading, Spelling, LiteracyTopic
ThursdayMaths, Guided Reading, Spelling, LiteracyPSHCE and Music
FridayMaths, Whole Class Read, Spelling, LiteracyR.E. and P.E.
Parental Support

Your parental support is vital to your child’s progress and education. Please support us by:

- Encouraging your child to complete and return homework on time and giving support where appropriate.
- Reading regularly at home with your child. Even as little as just 5 minutes daily, can help to improve your child's reading ability

- Letting us know if your child will be going home with someone else.

- Ensuring that your child brings the correct items to school each day, including their reading diary, spelling book and P.E kit.

Please note:

  • Our PE lessons take place on Monday afternoons and Friday afternoons
  • Spelling tests will take place on Thursday mornings
  • Homework will be set on a Thursday to be completed by the following Thursday


Contact us:
If you have anything you would like to share with us (non urgent), please feel free to email us at: 


If it something more important, please ring the school office and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Our Woodhouses Winners (Friday 2nd July 2021)


Each week, we will choose 2 children to be our 'Woodhouses Winners'. These will be earned by children who have tried hard, listened well and who have impressed those adults working with them in class.

Well done to Jacob and Kizzy for being Woodhouses Winners this week! 

Jacob makes the most of every minute in the school day. He is always doing the right thing and he is a great role model. Well done Jacob!


Kizzy has shown great friendship skills and is another great role model. She is kind, caring and empathetic to others. Kizzy is really maturing and is an excellent member of Year 4. 


Well done to both our winners!


Here are the Year 3 and Year 4 spellings for this week. The test will take place in class on Thursday 8th July.


New Spellings - Year 3 (test 8.7.21)

This week's rule: suffix -sion 

New Spellings - Year 4 (test 8.7.21)

Revision of previous rules taught



Our Learning

This half term the children will be learning about stories from other cultures. We will study two texts from different parts of the world - 'The story of Baba Yaga' and 'Mufaro's beautiful daughters'. We will learn about the cultures that the stories are set in and different techniques the authors use to write them.
We will also learn about non-fiction explanations and diary entries, linking these to our topic work on the Victorians.



In Maths, we will be continuing to learn about multiplication and division. We will focus on learning our times tables as well as learning about using arrays correctly and how multiplication problems can be done in any order.
We will move on to learning about fractions. We will learn about the names of different types of fractions, equivalent fractions and fractions that add up to 1.


Topic - The Victorians (in Oldham)
This term we will be learning about the Victorians. We will learn about who Queen Victoria was, how the railways were built ans started, what Victorian schools were like and how some children had to go to work. We will also look at what life was like for people in the local area during the Victorian period


Science - Plants

In our Science lessons, we will be learning about plants
We will learn the names of different parts of plants and their functions. We will find out what plants need to grow healthily and how they move water.
We will begin to find out about why flowers are important for plants and the plant life cycle.

Throughout the topic, we will grow our own pea plants whilst keeping a plant diary.

Other subjects
R.E – Judaism - Holy places, books and special places

P.E – Fielding and Striking games/Athletics
ICT – Scratch: Questions and Answers                                                   
ART / DT – Prehistoric art - cave paintings
PSHE –  Jigsaw - Relationships

Home Learning
Thankfully, we are now back together as a class but you can still access the home learning that was set during lockdown by going to the Brierley Class home learning page or by clicking the link in the picture below

Victorians workshop (13th May 2021)

Castleshaw visit - Tents and Shelters. 17th March 2021

Reindeer Visit - 16th December 2020

Panto workshop - 11th December 2020

Stone Age Workshop - November 2020


Year Four have been learning about functions of teeth this week. They have been very lucky that Riley's mum was able to get some toothpaste, brushes and information leaflets for the children to take home.



This week the children are investigating the effects of different liquids on teeth. They are observing 6 eggs throughout the week to monitor the changes

Year 4 Teeth and Digestion Topic