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In September 2014, a new primary national curriculum was introduced that changed the way subjects are taught in school.  The main aim was to raise standards across all subjects with raised expectations in both English and Maths, at Woodhouses School we used the new national curriculum as the basis for our ‘Learning Challenge’ approach which groups subjects together in an exciting and interesting way to motivate children.  However, it is important to understand that the National Curriculum only contains the bones of essential content that pupils are expected to know, apply and understand.  The School Curriculum “represents the totality of the experience of the child within school” and is the wider picture and context that makes the difference to learning.  


For the last year, reviewing, evaluating and developing the curriculum offered by Woodhouses Primary School has been one of the key priorities in our school development plan.  This work was informed by the collaboration with other schools and with the Focus Trust. We continue to be on a journey to ensure that the curriculum we deliver to our pupils is coherent, relevant, connected and full.  


Further Information 

Please use the link below which will take you to the National Curriculum website, you will be able to choose whether to look at the curriculum by Key Stages or to click on each subject to see the programme of study.


The document entitled national Curriculum Year Group Overview, which can be found by following the link at the bottom of this page, shows you how the programmes of study can be divided up into individual year groups.  


The ethos behind Learning Journeys is that they are tailored to the needs and interests of the pupils so there may well be changes to this overview as the year progresses, sometimes things take longer and other events require things to be moved around!


Learning in the EYFS

Children in the Foundation Stage work from a different curriculum and information about their learning can be obtained by using this link


 or by talking directly to the teaching staff in Lowry Class.

At Woodhouses, we have mixed age year groups.  Therefore our curriculum long term plan is currently on a 3 year rolling programme to ensure coverage and progression across the key stages for all our learners
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Reading Progression Document

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National Curriculum Year Group Overview