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Voluntary Controlled Primary

Lowry Class

Welcome to Lowry Class

We are a Reception and Year 1 class in Woodhouses VC Primary. In class, our teacher is Mrs Mulligan and our TA is Miss Jarvis. In Lowry class, we run two curriculums (Early Years and National Curriculum) side by side so that no child misses out on what they need to become brilliant learners. We focus our attention on play and believe that this is a vital way for children to learn through discovery and curiosity, with skills sprinkled on top! Our children enjoy continuous provision indoor and out, but also learning about their environment through good use of our woodland area. Pop back weekly to find out what we have been up to! laugh


If you need to get in touch, please either phone the office to arrange a telephone call, or email

My First Five Years

A really useful website and app, full of up-to-date advice, blogs and streams that help parents to understand the most important stages in your child's development. 

Please click the link or download the app.

Year 1 Phonics Screening Test

This year all Year 1s will be assessed in line with the Government's Phonics Screening Test. The children have been learning phonics since they started with us in Reception to ensure that they become confident readers and writers. All children in England will be tested during the week commencing the 6th of June 2022. The children will complete the test, which usually lasts around 10 mins, with a familiar grown up in school. They will be faced with real words and some pseudo words with will contain the different 'sounds' that the children have learned over their phonic journey. The pseudo words have an alien at the side to let the children know that they are 'alien' words and not an actual real word. The test is laid out in two sections - section one where they will read simpler words from early in their phonics journey and then section 2, where they will encounter different letter combinations that make different sounds within the words. 

Although we have daily phonics sessions, many parents has asked for additional practice for their children.  We will be sending home slips with QR codes on them, which can be scanned using a smartphone, ipad or tablet. These will have different practice Phonics Screening checks for your child to have a go at. 

Additional apps and games are available online, but if you need any printed copies, please let us know. 

Many thanks 

Mrs Mulligan

Parent video: The Phonics Screening Check

Spring 2

It is properly starting to look like spring now, and we are enjoying so many outdoor learning opportunities. We have been building obstacle courses, making dens, investigating growing and changes in our environment due to the change in the season, as well as many, many other things. One thing the children have really enjoyed, is making up their own games using different equipment such as hoops, balls and rackets! We definitely have some great sports people in the making! 

We always love to grow things in our outdoor area, but after a good few storms this winter, our 'garden' is looking a bit worse for wear! If you have any spare gardening pots, planters, equipment or would like to donate some plants and soil, we would be most grateful and would put it to excellent use. 

Also, we are looking for dressing up costumes, old hats, jewellery and materials to inspire our little learners further.

We hope you are enjoying finding out from our little Lowries about what they have been getting up to; including creating their own Jack and the Beanstalk stories, learning about Brazil, Powers (Reception), the Human Body (Year 1) and also about Easter (Reception) and Islam (Year 1). 

If you have any questions or need to let us know any information, please don't hesitate to speak to us at drop-off/pick ups, give us a call or email us at

Thank you 

Mrs Mulligan

Happy New Year and welcome back! 

We really hope you had a lovely couple of weeks over the Christmas period. We are now back and ready to learn! It has been lovely to see how enthusiastic our children are to get stuck in with new challenges and learning. We have started our new topic on Castles and Knights and already found out about Motte and Bailey castles.  We will be holding a Kings, Knights and Queens day at the end of half term, where the children can come dressed up as one to celebrate our topic. More information will be sent home in the coming weeks. To end our topic, we will be hoping to build our own castles using junk modelling. Please could you start to save any boxes you may have for it. laugh

This term, we have sent home High Frequency words, to be changed on a Tues and Thurs. These are words that the children need to learn from sight to help them with their fluency in reading. We hope you can support your children with these as it will have a big impact on their reading too. Books continue to be changed on a Monday, Wednesday and Friday. It is important to encourage your child to read the same book more than once, as this allows them to begin to recognise words as well as developing an understanding of what they are reading. 


As ever, we want our children to be the best they can be. Our new SHINE ethos is in and around school and with that, we have SHINE bear in class. He has been looking out for those children who shine in different ways and we will also be trying to earn Shine stars for our Friday assemblies. smiley 

Happy Half Term! 

What a fantastic first half term. The children have settled in really well and already we have some showing how independent they can be. It has been lovely to see all the new friendships forming and we continue to learn about our newest members of the class. The Year 1s have really stepped up and shown how mature they have become; showing, sharing and caring for our new members to help them settled in even better. We have done so much in 7 weeks already from exploring seasonal changes, learning about different parts of our world, creating pen pals with two schools in Turkey and USA, having a calf on Charlie's farm named after our class and now in our early days of our fantastic phonics. We also shone for our inspectors who visited and even though many of our children were in their early days at Woodhouses, they were able to show the inspectors how brilliant our little school is. We can't wait for the next half term, a busy Christmassy one ahead, but one that we love. 


Thank you for all your support! 

Mrs Mulligan, 

Miss Jarvis and Miss Callaghan 

27th September 21

What a wet week we have had in Lowry, but we have still managed to enjoy ourselves. We have been looking at how the grounds at Woodhouses are changing as we move into Autumn, and have been reading some stories and experimenting with printing with Autumn colours.  This week in maths, Reception have been working on sorting and have enjoyed looking at things in the classroom that can be sorted into different categories,  and Year 1 have been carrying on working on comparing numbers. In literacy this week, we have been helping Cinderella plan a party and have been creating shopping lists and guest lists for her, before creating an invitation for a character. On Thursday we had our first virtual farm visit with our farmer Charlie, who showed her some of her fields since they have been harvested and now been sown with wheat for next year. The children had lots of questions for her and found out lots about her farm and how it has changed and the jobs she has to do, as it moves into Autumn. 

We are hoping that if you are out about about and discover some autumn treasures, that the children can bring them in to share with us. laugh


Wk 6th September

What a great first week back and welcome to our new children! When we have all the permissions for sharing photos, we will upload some photos of the fun and great learning we have been doing! Our new children have settled well and have made lots of new friends. 

Our year 1s have returned as super role models to our new children and have already shown that they are ready to learn! We have an exciting year ahead planned and will be posting what we get up to each week on here.  

Reception parents - please don't forget to hand in any contact details and permissions to the office. 

Looking forward to our year ahead,

Mrs Mulligan smiley

Summer 2