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Lowry Class

Welcome to Lowry Class

We are a Reception and Year 1 class in Woodhouses VC Primary. In class, our teacher is Mrs Mulligan and our TA is Miss Jarvis. In Lowry class, we run two curriculums (Early Years and National Curriculum) side by side so that no child misses out on what they need to become brilliant learners. We focus our attention on play and believe that this is a vital way for children to learn through discovery and curiosity, with skills sprinkled on top! Our children enjoy continuous provision indoor and out, but also learning about their environment through good use of our woodland area. Pop back weekly to find out what we have been up to! laugh


If you need to get in touch, please either phone the office to arrange a telephone call, or email

Wk 20th June 

This week has been action packed. Year 1s have been working on prefix 'un' and suffixes 'er' and 'est'. Reception have carried on with working sentence work and are really showing off their phonic skills now! In maths, the children in year 1 have carried on with recognising coins and notes in UK money. They have been using their skills to calculate totals.  Reception have been working on subtracting and are writing their number sentences to match their calculations. In topic this week, we have learned about Italy. It has been  fun to find out some of the language, where to find it on the map and some of the landmarks around Italy. We have also as a class, been working on our telling of the time. The children have enjoyed spotting when it is a new hour and know to say 'o'clock and half past. 


This week, I have been visiting our new members of Lowry class for next year. It has been lovely to meet them and their grown-ups. Next week they will be coming into school to see for themselves how wonderful it is. 


As our school year draws to a close, can I ask that any reading books that you come across that your child is not currently reading, are returned to school so we can get prepared for next year. 


As always, please do not hesitate to email if you have any questions.


Mrs Mulligan x

Wk 7th June

We had a great first week back, with lots of smiles and stories about adventures from the Half Term holiday. The children were keen to get playing and down to work, but that was put on hold by a video of a fairy in our classroom! Where had she come from? Why was she here and more importantly, where was she now? The children created posters to go around school to let others know that we are looking for her. Thankfully she was spotted in another classroom further up school, so the children decided to think of questions to ask her when we finally see her. Such super work and learning about questions and adjectives. In Maths, children have been working on making equal groups (Y1) and one more/one less (R). The children have enjoyed trying to solve some problems and prove me wrong! 

We started our new topic this week, with a trip to France! The children learned about where France is located, its capital city and started learning a song in French too. We even sampled some French food - yummy croissants! What a busy, first week back. 

Summer 2

Happy Summer 2 Lowry Class! 

This is our final term for our current Reception and Year 1s. It has been a bumpy ride but we have made lots of fabulous memories, with much more to come. We have enjoyed our Sensational Safari topic last half term so much, that this half term, we are travelling around Europe. We will be visiting/learning about new countries each week, so make sure you check back to find out what we have been up to. 

As ever, if you have any questions or need further support, please don't hesitate to get in touch either by ringing the office or emailing myself at


Thank you for all your continued support. 

Mrs Mulligan 

& Miss Jarvis

Wk 19th April 21

What a fantastic first week back we have had! We hit the ground running by planting vegetables on Monday and then spent the week learning how we can make and write instructions to let other classes in the school know how to do it too! We have also been starting to learn about how numbers are made up, and year 1 have been working on numbers to 50. In RE this week, we have began learning about the Muslim festival of Ramadan. We have got off to a 'flying' start with our new topic today. We left from Woodhouses Airport and took a flight all the way to Kenya! We arrived in Nairobi International and then went on safari with the special binoculars we made. It was exciting and we spotted all sorts of interesting African animals. Thankfully, we managed to catch a flight back to Woodhouses in time for assembly. The children had such a great time and were filled with brilliant questions to fuel our topic further. 

Check back to see our photos of our travels from Friday.laugh


Wk 29th of March 21

It has been a lovely half term which has not only saw lots of learning in Lowry, but lots of friendships rekindled, smiles, laughter from every single one of our little Lowrys. We have gone from a group of 10 children, who came in every day during lockdown, ready and eager to learn, to welcoming back our full 30 wonderful children and really, as we end the term, it feels like they were never been away. The children have worked so hard at being their best and embracing each new day with a wonderful sense of curiosity and fun. It has been lovely to see how much we have achieved in just 4 weeks. We look forward to seeing you all in 2 weeks time, and hope that you all have a lovely break (fingers crossed for lots of sunshine to help!). 

Thank you for all your continued support. 


Mrs Mulligan 

Wk 8th of March 2021

We had a lovely week this week, where we gladly welcomed back our children from Lockdown. As it was a big step coming back, we are so pleased to see how happy they all were and to spend valuable time reconnecting with their friends. We have enjoyed hearing all they have been getting up to, and have been pleasantly surprised at how quickly they have all slotted back into routines. We are very lucky in class to also have a fantastic student teacher Miss Gavin, who the children have been very welcoming to. She will be with us for another couple of weeks till her placement ends. We ended the week  with Rainbow day, a fantastic opportunity to talk about hope and dreams for the future. It is lovely to see how our little learners are so eager to still explore the world and look forward to going places and visiting family when we are allowed. As we come to a new week, we will restart spellings and will be needing our children to be reading daily. It is still important that these are kept up as they have such a big impact in literacy and communicating.  If you need any support or have any questions, the Lowry email is still open and I will happily get back to you. 

Thank you for all your support this week. 


Mrs Mulligan

Wk 9th of November 2020


It was lovely to welcome our class back in and everyone was raring to go! We have learned lots of new sounds this week and are having a go at our writing and improving our counting. We started our new topic called Rememberance, this week, by having a look at a famous soldier, Walter Tull. The children were fantastic and respectful during our 2 min silence on Wednesday, when our brass teacher Mr Wilson, played the last post. We have been looking at our seasons and why the leaves change colours. We have also noticed that our tree in school has gone from bright yellow leaves, to having none at all and thought of many reasons and questions around this. 


We look forward to another week of super learning next week. 


Please can we have back any underwear that we have given to children who have had accidents. We do not have any girls  underwear left!

Please can you make sure that jumpers and cardigans are clearly marked. We have a few without names left behind. 

Thank you laugh

Wk 14/9/20 

We have had a brilliant week this week. It has been so lovely to see how independent our new children are, with lots of them even coming round without grown ups! Well done! This week we have started having a look at letters and sounds in reception. We have learned s, a, t and p. We have been mark making the early stages of these sounds, looking and listening for them and even having a hunt for a letter or a word. Reception have also been working on the start of Power Maths, and have been learning about the Threeness of Three. They have been making, counting, writing and creating 3 in many different ways.

Year 1 have blown us away this week, taking everything in their stride. They too have started their journey in Power Maths. It has been lovely to teach them as a year group and allows them to share their ideas with their friends. We've been working on numbers to 10 through counting, different representations and sorting. In Science, the Year 1s have been working with Mrs Thompson, learning about plants and even growing their own beans! On Friday, we had a go at creating our own abstract art after making a picture, photographing it and then sticking it down to match the photo. 

What an action packed week we've had! 

Next week we hope to have some photos up when we have all our permissions back from our parents, to share some of our wonderful moments with you. 

P.S. Teach your Monster to Read app is free until Tues 22nd  (usually £5) and is one we use in class! 


WK: 7/9/20

What a lovely start back for all our children across school, and a super welcome to our new children in Reception. It has been so nice for our children to have a gentle start to school life, making friends in small groups and with our Year 1s, who are working hard at being good role models. This week we have been learning about each other and finding out what things we enjoy doing in class. We can't wait for next week when our am and pm group come together and Lowry can really get underway! 

Please can all children in Lowry (Y1 and Reception),  bring in a pair of wellies that can be left in class, so that we can carry out our learning in our woodland area. 

Reception parents, if you have not already done so, please could you send back all your contact details and the Tapestry sheet so that we can get you linked up to view your child's learning.