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Lowry Class

Welcome to Lowry Class. 

We are a Reception/Year 1 class. We enjoy our curriculum through play, investigation and enquiry, with lots of interesting lessons which gives their learning meaning and foster their interests more. 

Feel free to pop back and find out what we have been up to! 

Mrs Mulligan

Class Teacher


Links for Home Learning

As some children are currently at home, please find below some useful links for learning. Our children have become such fantastic learners, we don't want the current crisis to impact them. It is also important that we answer questions that they may have around the current situation. 



Current learning

Our topic is currently The Great Fire of London. We will be learning about the events that led up to the fire and the changes that happened as a consequence to it. We will be using different texts in Literacy linked to the Great Fire of London and also be learning about bread and how this has a key part to play in the history. As we have just finished the topic of Kings and Queens, we will be looking at where the Great Fire of London fits on our time line and who the Monarch was at the time. We will be also be comparing life now to life back in 1660s.


Science - Reception will be learning about Recycling. They will be learning about the cause and effect of it and

               how we can all play our part in helping our environment. 

               Year 1 - will be continuing their work on Materials and will be carrying out some investigations into

               which materials are best for a purpose. 

Computing - Year 1 will be carrying on learning about using a word processing program, but will now be

                     learning about how they can change the font, size and colour of their text. They will also be

                     learning about how a search engine can help them find information on a given site linked to their


                    Reception - will be learning how to open and close a given app on their ipads. They will also be

                    learning how to use an ipad to take photos and video of their learning. 

Art -             The children will be learning about landscapes and colour choices. They will be learning about

                    Vincent Van Gough and his painting Starry Night and using his style to create paintings about the                         Great Fire of London. 



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Picture 2
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Picture 5
Last week in Lowry, we learned all about Chinese New Year. The children enjoyed carrying out different tasks, finding out about the Year of the Rat and learning about what goes on at a Chinese festival. There was lots of fine motor, gross motor and even some dancing going on as some children turned themselves into Chinese dragons. We enjoyed relaxing listening to Chinese music too. A super week! 
Picture 1
What an amazing day we have had! Today we celebrated the end of our History topic, Kings and Queens. We had a drama workshop in the morning, where we learned even more about Richard III, Queen Victoria and Queen Elizabeth I. We re-enacted a coronation of a Queen and even learned a Medieval dance! In the afternoon, we all enjoyed a right Royal knees up at a Medieval banquet; ending the day with icing our King or Queen gingerbread men/women. The children all came in dressed in their regal finest and enjoyed every second. What a perfect end to an interesting topic. 

Kings and Queens day

Kings and Queens day 1 The boys willing to share what they know.
Kings and Queens day 2 Queen Victoria, Prince Albert and thier 9 children
Kings and Queens day 3 Richard III ordering his nephews to the tower!
Kings and Queens day 4 Elizabeth in prayer before becoming Queen
Kings and Queens day 5 Princesses at the Medieval Banquet
Kings and Queens day 6 Banners with our initials on
Kings and Queens day 7 Fine motor skills in action!
Kings and Queens day 8 Merry chat at the banquet
Kings and Queens day 9 Lots of concentration needed
Kings and Queens day 10 Right Royal staff
This week we have been looking at Internet Safety. Although it is unlikely our children will be accessing the internet on their own just yet, we have been talking about the importance of keeping information to ourselves and what a password is. We linked this to talking to strangers outside (also tying in who was ok to talk to such as Police or staff in a shop if we needed help). We  had a look at what computers are used for, positively. We also had a look at how to be sensible using them through the story 'Chicken Clicking'.

World Book Day 2020

The children came in today all dressed up in their favourite characters or ready for bed! They enjoyed a variety of activies in mixed classes across school, including Book in a Box. Throughout the day, children got to listen and share their favourite stories. After lunch, we were lucky to receive some brand new books as a present from the Year 6 trip to Madeline Lindley. Then we had class Kenney come and share stories they had written based on their book Escape from Pompei. What a great day! 

Sublime Science

Lowry had a great time on Friday with the Sublime Science visit. Pop over to the Science Week section under News and Events to see some photos.