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Voluntary Controlled Primary

Lowry Class

Due to timetabling, PE will now be Tuesdays and Wednesdays. Please encourage children to leave their PE kits in class to ensure that they always have their kits in. Thank you. 

Welcome to Lowry Class

We are a Reception and Year 1 class in Woodhouses VC Primary. In class, our teacher is Mrs Mulligan and our TAs are Mrs Heaney and Miss Callaghan. In Lowry class, we run two curriculums (Early Years and National Curriculum) side by side so that no child misses out on what they need to become brilliant learners. We focus our attention on play and believe that this is a vital way for children to learn through discovery and curiosity, with skills sprinkled on top! Our children enjoy continuous provision indoor and out, but also learning about their environment through good use of our woodland area. Pop back weekly to find out what we have been up to! laugh


If you need to get in touch, please either phone the office to arrange a telephone call, or email

Our lovely Lowry learners enjoying our Bedtime Books.

School Uniform


We have had a number of children lose their jumpers of cardigans this half term. It is vital that all items are labelled (as having 29 jumpers all the same can become tricky to locate who's is who's), and that if your child does mistakenly bring home an item that is not theirs, that it is returned as soon as possible. All our children know where to put their items if they take them off; they collect them from there at the end of the day. We try to make sure that they put them straight into bags at home time to avoid any muddles. Having items labelled really helps even the children who are also learning to recognise their names and become more independent. 


We enjoy a busy day which usually follows the same subjects in the morning of Phonics, Guided Reading Literacy, and Maths. 

On a Tuesday and Wednesday, we will have PE for the whole class. It is important that all children have all items of their PE kit labelled and in class. To support children's independence, encouraging getting undressed and dressed by themselves when they are at home, will help them so much in class. 


We are also keen to encourage our children to become independent at dinner time. Using a knife and fork is expected at Woodhouses, and as we support our new children in cutting and scooping, it would be great if this is encouraged at home too. We are also encouraging this as part of their play to embed these skills for life. 

Bedtime books

On a Friday at home time, we will have a basket at our door with books available to borrow for the weekend. These will be a story to share with your child, along with a hot chocolate. We love reading in Lowry and it amazing for our children to spend such a special time with their grown up. We don't expect your child to read them, but you to read the book to them. There is absolutely no obligation to take a Bedtime book, but if you do, it would be lovely to share this through either a photo or even a drawing from your child. Books can be returned on a Monday to be shared with someone new on the Friday. smiley

My First Five Years

A really useful website and app, full of up-to-date advice, blogs and streams that help parents to understand the most important stages in your child's development. 

Please click the link or download the app.