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Voluntary Controlled Primary

Vision and Ethos


'Let Your Light Shine Before Others' (Matthew 5:16)

Stars making the light, 

Small school shining bright!

We believe that each child is a shining light, like the stars in the universe...small, but together they fill the sky!


We are a school which values every one of God's children, and aims to develop their spiritual, moral, intellectual, creative, social, emotional and physical potential. Our school is a caring community firmly founded on Christian values. We seek to provide a caring family ethos in which our learners will be loved and nurtured in such a way as they in turn develop a respect and tolerance for all, irrespective of gender, creed, race or ability.  Our aim is to equip all our children to understand and respect difference, in all aspects of life. We will foster in our young people a willingness to support those in need in the community and the wider world. We reflect these values in the day to day running of the school, in all aspects of our exciting curriculum and in every area of our school life. We provide opportunities for children to reflect on their behaviour, to enable them to understand reconciliation and forgiveness.

We offer an inclusive and supportive environment where children will be confident enough to meet the challenges of our high expectations. We will cater for individual needs so that everyone can experience success. The skills of literacy and numeracy, which are essential life skills, will always be our priority yet we work hard to engage and excite our children through a wider curriculum so that they want to learn. We believe that learning is a journey for life and are passionate about challenging and supporting all members of our school community to achieve their potential in all areas of their lives.


We not only grow the mind and soul, but we nurture our pupils' physical development.  Our sports provision is broad, balanced and highly engaging.  Children have many opportunities to participate in a range of clubs and team sports.   We promote after school activities, particularly sport, to enrich learning and encourage physical activity. 


We believe in developing independent learners, who possess the knowledge and skills to engage positively with the world around them. 


It is hugely important to us to work in partnership with our parents, governors and the church to create a supportive community.  Our community values the pupil voice and parental involvement.  There are many opportunities for you to get involved in the life of the school and the education of your child.  We look forward to working with you.