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Year 2

Year 2 spellings 5.7.21

Year 2 Spellings 28.6.21

Year 2 Spellings 21.6.21

Year 2 spelling list 14.6.21

Year 2 Spelling List 6.6.21 (Week 1)

Year 2 Spelling List 24.5.21

Year 2 spelling list 17.5.21

Year 2 children are learning their 2/3/5/10 x tables at the moment. They are finding their 3x really tricky, so it would help if they practised at home too! 

Year 2 Spellings 10.5.21

Year 2 Spellings 4.5.21

Some children are continuing to work on the common exception words list sent last week, and others have the new list below.

Year 2  Week 26.4.21

Spellings are a little different this week. Your child may come home with a common exception words list. If they do, it will be highlighted which words they need to practise. This will be continuing over the next few weeks as these are the spellings that children are expected to be able to spell by the end of Year 2.

Some children will be working on suffix words, so they will also have their own list this week.

Please let us know if you have any queries.

Many Thanks. 

Year 2 Spelling List 19.4.21

Year 2 Spellings week 22/3/21

Week 15.3.21 

Spelling list for this week, to be tested next Monday


Year 2 Spring Term Spellings Week 1 - 4/1/21

Your child will bring a practise sheet home.


2. fly



5. reply

6. July

7. shy

8. spy

9. sky

10. why


Week commencing 7th December  - Year 2 spellings

 To help with writing The nativity story


1. Christmas

2. Jesus

3. gold

4. myrrh

5. frankincense

6. Mary

7. Joseph

8. manger

9. Bethlehem

10. shepherds

Week commencing 30.11.20

Year 2 spellings

BUG CLUB: School code is: sprt (apologies if you couldn't access it at weekend)

Week beginning 23.11.20

Year 2 spellings



 Week Commencing 16.11.20


Please practise adding and subtracting numbers up to 10 using fingers. Our children are using this at the moment to solve 2 digit problems. 

Also please practise counting from a given number in 10's.

eg. 38 and count up in tens then backwards. 


In Literacy we are focusing on letter formation in school. Please continue to practise this using the letter formation rhymes they have been given. 

Many Thanks


w/c 9.11.20

Week commencing 19.10.20

Please find below, spellings, maths and literacy homework for this week.


Mrs Strange's Phonics Group


Literacy: phonics practise: